Business Development & Incubation

Our business development and incubation services help guide our clients from concept development to implementation.

We brainstorm the initial business idea with you to identify its strengths, weaknesses and viability. We guide you through the set-up process, inviting strategic partners from relevant fields as required.

Finally, we assist with identifying the critical operational aspects required to bring your business concept to fruition and ensure long term sustainability. In summary, our small business start-up and development module provides our clients with the following strategic values:


  • Assessing current performance
  • Setting a vision for growth

Financial Strategy

  • Planning for growth
  • Financing growth

Growth Strategy

  • Growth through product and service development
  • Growth through sales
  • Growth through technology
  • Growth through value chain management
  • Growth through Strategic partnering

Managing Growth

  • Leading staff through growth
  • Managing growth risk

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